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  • 1000 K - Player Auction - Android Coins
    €1.49 €1.24
  • 1800 K - Player Auction - Android Coins
    €2.68 €2.23
  • 2200 K - Player Auction - Android Coins
    €3.29 €2.74
  • 2800 K - Player Auction - Android Coins
    €4.19 €3.49
  • 4000 K - Player Auction - Android Coins
    €5.87 €4.89
  • 5000 K - Player Auction - Android Coins
    €7.34 €6.11
  • 6000 K - Player Auction - Android Coins
    €8.78 €7.31
  • 8000 K - Player Auction - Android Coins
    €11.70 €9.75
  • 29-07-2015 Fifa 15 - A UEFA official said Platini will run for the President of FIFA
    When asked when Michel Platini announced, the UEFA official said he may be formally announced on Wednesday.
  • 28-07-2015 Fifa 15 - Putin again backed FIFA president blatter said he should be awarded the Nobel Prize
    It is reported that last week the 2018 World Cup qualifying draw in Russia, Blatter met with Putin, then Russia's president in private to give the support of FIFA President.
  • 27-07-2015 Fifa 15 - Platini confirmed the election FIFA chairman
    FIFA's work has always been first class, he has a wealth of football management experience, and has an excellent management team.
  • 26-07-2015 United States request extradition vice President FIFA before the warner
    Now 72-year-old served as FIFA vice-president Warner, FIFA president of the North America and the Caribbean, resigned in 2011 FIFA bribery storm.

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