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  • 27-02-2017 Fifa 17 - May increase the FIFA President said the host countries
    FIFA President from perez said before, during the World Cup in 2018, he was not worried about Russia's football hooligans, because of all that gilardino also pointed out that the 2026 World Cup
  • 24-02-2017 Fifa 17 - FIFA to force the winter for the World Cup
    FIFA President for every visit Qatar and gilardino in preparation for the 2022 World Cup, but also to solve the problem of a rather tricky,
  • 23-02-2017 Fifa 17 - The FIFA President encouraged countries jointly organized the World Cup
    FIFA President from cupertino, encourage more country's bid to host the 2026 World Cup.Since the 2026 World Cup, World Cup finals competition number from 32 expanded to 48,
  • 22-02-2017 Fifa 17 - Cristiano ronaldo was crowned champions league assists
    3 shots 0 on target, but send out six key pass, five successful breakthrough, passing rate of 87.9%. This data is cristiano ronaldo. You'd be surprised,
  • 21-02-2017 Fifa 17 - Most football player rankings
    In today's football, who is the fastest that one? List of 10 people, la liga, 3 were selected, four people the premier league and bundesliga,
  • 20-02-2017 Fifa 17 - Real Madrid coach zidane evaluation in the champions league
    At home against napoli before the start of the 1/8 uefa champions league final first leg, real Madrid coach, zidane said the white has always been the champions league title favourites,
  • 17-02-2017 Fifa 17 - Barcelona player three times been hurt
    In Barcelona club have a feeling that that is injured the Barcelona players won't be punished. For those who has been critical of the referee in the persecution of Barcelona,
  • 16-02-2017 Fifa 17 - Released the latest FIFA world rankings
    FIFA announced national men's latest world rankings, lippi, led by China fell again five, Qatar beyond by old rivals. According to FIFA's official website,
  • 26-02-2017 Rome football FIFA club team
    The players will play for roma the upcoming FIFA tournament Fnatic is responsible for the management and operation team,

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