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  • 17-02-2017 Fifa 17 - Barcelona player three times been hurt
    In Barcelona club have a feeling that that is injured the Barcelona players won't be punished. For those who has been critical of the referee in the persecution of Barcelona,
  • 16-02-2017 Fifa 17 - Released the latest FIFA world rankings
    FIFA announced national men's latest world rankings, lippi, led by China fell again five, Qatar beyond by old rivals. According to FIFA's official website,
  • 15-02-2017 Fifa 17 - FIFA 18 will land on the Switch
    EA's FIFA series has been a football fan, one of the popular game with live football game duo and call it football.
  • 14-02-2017 Fifa 17 - FIFA Online 3 game players to develop
    Players upgrade: upgrade player! Promotion team strength! Players can gain experience through the game, after the experience accumulated to a certain number of players will upgrade!
  • 13-02-2017 Fifa 17 - FIFA Online 3 game features is introduced
    FIFA Online 3 lifelike image, super real soccer football fun, dribbling in here! A shot! Shovel ball! Fighting!!! As immersive, each a star face passes elaborate carve,
  • 10-02-2017 Fifa 17 - FIFA and physical data company
    This cooperation will be covered including the World Cup, World Cup qualifiers and the confederations cup, the Olympic Games, and at all levels youth tournament.
  • 09-02-2017 Fifa 17 - Barcelona team value
    Barcelona squad to rise so the names of the giant cannot leave two key: omar and Lionel messi. Brazilian joined Barcelona when total turnover has debated, messi comes from Marcia academy,
  • 08-02-2017 Fifa 17 - King cup Barcelona into the finals
    2016/17 king cup semi-final second leg in Spain, Barcelona in the nou camp stadium against atletico Madrid.In the end, the end of the match,
  • 19-02-2017 Uefa officials predict Barcelona seize the champions league
    Uefa predicted that Barcelona will win the champions league trophy this season. This article predicts that uefa is combed through data of the conclusions.

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