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Barcelona player three times been hurt

In Barcelona club have a feeling that that is injured the Barcelona players won't be punished. For those who has been critical of the referee in the persecution of Barcelona, vidal's injury on the road is the new material can be used to charge.Combined with theo - hernandez contrast, serious violations, now there are 3 cases of infringement of the Barcelona players won't suffer the punishment cases.

Barca executives believe, this is not the case, is not an accident, not the accumulation of a series of coincidence. In repeating the same situation. Barcelona had three players injured by opponents foul, and three perpetrators are not punished.One of the most popular players infringed by Barcelona is Spain.

Against Barcelona, foul opponents averaging 16 times, and every six fouls will get a card. At the same time, the Barcelona striker frequently eat card, and is mostly to protest the referee.After vidal was injured, fc Barcelona's grievances increased again, because the club watched a very not easy to find Fifa Coins Store the feeling, compete to the player and said goodbye to the game through injury.


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