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Barcelona team value

Famous Swiss football data statistics institutions "football observatory" this time they worth about five major league teams players made statistics, and join the price comparison, analyzing the team's line-up is appreciation or depreciation. The Spanish giants Barcelona to increase the value of euro 586 million at the top of all the team, the ligue 1 giants Paris st germain in the list at the bottom.

Barcelona squad to rise so the names of the giant cannot leave two key: omar and Lionel messi. Brazilian joined Barcelona when total turnover has debated, messi comes from Marcia academy, so it can be league as 0, from emergence to the first person to become a football today.

Messi's value has already broken 9 digits, "football" observatory had to evaluate messi's social status, and that little flea now worth around 170 million euros, according to the calculation, his social status to rise higher than his. Barcelona to form the squad now spent 485 million euros, and array of players now price is 1.071 billion euros, a gain of close to 600 million euros in the data on the top of the top European clubs.

Another potentialities of Buy Fifa 17 Coins good young players from the club tottenham finished second on the list, even though the team did not omar and Lionel messi in such a superstar, but, however, harry Kane young players has flowed in recent years, such as wave cut cupertino team's value evaluation is now 799 million euros, and in order to bring the player to white hart lane, before and after they spent 274 million euros, or 525 million euros, Europe also only spurs and Barcelona players on this number higher than 500 million.


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