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FIFA 18 will land on the Switch

EA's FIFA series has been a football fan, one of the popular game with live football game duo and call it football. At the same time, the FIFA football game has become one of the projects of e-sports game, it makes a lot of players in the game coming up and down. However, in January, FIFA series with nintendo Switch to wipe out the spark, EA's latest FIFA 18 will land on the Switch.

The EA COO of Cheap Fut Coins Peter Moore made sure reply to this matter, he said that in the near future EA is for nintendo Switch to customize the FIFA 18 game, or this would be the FIFA will launch later this year. From rival PS4 version and Xbox One version, the picture quality and other aspects of comparison, Peter Moore did not positive to respond. The Switch's version of the FIFA 18 or will landing in September this year.


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