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FIFA Online 3 game players to develop

Players upgrade: upgrade player! Promotion team strength! Players can gain experience through the game, after the experience accumulated to a certain number of players will upgrade! Players can upgrade numerical, improve the ability to promote team effectiveness!

Players to strengthen: the same players can be improved and improved to enhance player ability, so as to improve team effectiveness.

Player trading: you can through the transfer market freely traded, will not require players to other players trading, get some! At the same time from Fifa Points the transfer market to buy the right superstar!

Players exchange: you can need not be exchanged players with the system, get new players, note that when using 10 players card exchange best oh!

As EA SPORTS FIFA Online 3 introduced a new way of managers' mode for the player has brought the new Angle of the game.In manager mode, you do not need to personally operation, you only need to complete, for transfers-will and choose a variety of offensive and defensive strategies in the game, can complete the game.Manager mode is a relatively easy gameplay, compared with the traditional operation, disposal and the essence of scheduling mode will become managers face!


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