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King cup Barcelona into the finals

2016/17 king cup semi-final second leg in Spain, Barcelona in the nou camp stadium against atletico Madrid.In the end, the end of the match, nine people fighting a 1-1 draw at home to Barcelona 10 people atletico, eliminate a rival total score 3-2 finals.The first leg, barca 2-1 away at atletico Madrid.Barca unbeaten since January 5, harvest seven wins and two draws in the premier league and cup, beat athletic bilbao successively, the royal society.

Laps in the 43rd minute, near, Andre - gomez straight out accurate ball, messi middle continuous dribbling, and more than double from success to get rid of the foot shots!The ball of the moya saved, suarez on the right side of the break, 1-0, Barcelona at home to take the lead, the total score 3-1 lead.

Down on 83 minutes, peripheral road forward half, pique didn't touch the ball, the box on the right side of the lattice boltzmann will cross the ball to knock, add mei luo flank squirt, 1-1, atletico Madrid equaliser, total score 2-3 lag behind.In the end, the end of the match, a 1-1 draw at home to atletico Madrid, Barcelona 3-2 aggregate out final opponents.

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