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Released the latest FIFA world rankings

FIFA announced national men's latest world rankings, lippi, led by China fell again five, Qatar beyond by old rivals. According to FIFA's official website, according to the latest issue of the rankings released the team's total ranking and the integral, number three drop situation in Asia.

Score during this period, the Chinese team played A class A international competition, is the first "China cup", the final 1 1 draw with Croatia (although the end result is that the team's penalty shoot-out 4 3 wins, but according to the regulation of FIFA is calculated on the basis of the results at the end of normal time, let the team's original points scored 342.24 points, but from the same period four years ago when the original points, and then according to the different proportion of integral weighted average calculation over the last four years, after the national soccer team's ranking decreased by 20 points, the latest only 404 points.

In the case of integral sharply reduced, the team's ranking also fell 5, has dropped to 86th. This is the team's since April 2016, the lowest ranking in nearly 11 months.At the same time, the Asian football confederation on the list are "with" come back behind you for a period of time the playmaker, this means that the team's ranking has dropped to ninth in the Asian teams.12 strong competition in the 2018 World Cup qualifier in Asia and the team's group of Iran and South Korea are still occupy the list of the top two in Asia.35 points on 23 March 19, the Chinese team will be in changsha he long stadium against South Korea, tai chi tiger latest rankings for 39, column second place in Asia.

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