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FIFA 18 will be put on sale in 2017

For some fans, football game has boundless charm, everyone in the game can be run on the pitch, enjoy the fun of football, EA's FIFA series has been welcome by players of the game, this series has been a new continuously, recently, the EA CEO Andrew Wilson confirmed 18 will go on sale in 2017, FIFA's journey of a single story mode and said FIFA 17 - also will return.

EA CEO Andrew Wilson said: "FIFA 18 will be established on the basis of our development of the story mode, players will return to the journey of the second season, joined the new roles and new stories. We in vancouver FIFA 18 development team is to build a rich innovative new experience, including the ultimate team, make we ever made the most emotional and interconnection of the FIFA experience."

FIFA 17 pioneering story mode seems to Fifa Coins Store be very popular, Wilosn mentioned already has more than 10 million fans played journey, the ultimate team player every year increased by 10%. FIFA 18 should continue to adopt the frost 3 engine development, on PC, PS4, Xbox One platform.


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